About us

About us. Gallineral park- San Gil- Colombia

About us. Gallineral park- San Gil- Colombia

Who we are?

Patiamarillos is a group of young people interested in promoting sustainable tourism experiences in the department of Santander, Colombia. We are a collectivity of dreamers and adventurers, convinced that the world is an open book whose pages deserve to be discovered. Let’s discover more about us.

What do we believe?

After many destinations, we have discovered that the best way to travel is the one that has a social impact, which allows a deep rapprochement and a positive cultural exchange with the communities, contributes to the cultural and economic development and the social inclusion of the regions, and supports the care and conservation of natural resources. Learn more about the Patiamarillo Tourism.

We are convinced that Colombia is a wonderful destination that you cannot miss and that Santander brings together in one place all the wonders of our country and the singularities that you can only find in our department: beautiful landscapes, vast biodiversity, cultural richness, history and legends, architectural heritage, delicious food, coffee of the highest quality, unparalleled fairs and festivals, the most pleasant weather throughout the year, the longest industry of adventure tourism and the authenticity of our people from Santander.

What we want?

  • Disseminate and generate knowledge about ways to undertake tourism to promote sustainable development in Santander.
  • Promote a responsible tourism development in the region of Santander.
  • Share best practices and generate capacities in order to Santander operators be able to offer more and better sustainable tourism products and services.
  • Communicate experiences and provide resources and advice to travelers on how to do tourism in Santander, enjoying the singularities of our landscapes and our culture, acting with respect for nature and with commitment for the better quality of life of the communities.
  • Connect travelers interested in unique experiences and responsible tour operators in the department of Santander.


Join us, write us, consult us and let us know your comments, doubts and proposals. You too can be a Patiamarillo!

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