If you want to explore a way of tourism that contributes to the conservation of the environment and the local economy, birdwatching in Santander Colombia is for you.

This activity consists of the observation and identification of species of birds in their natural habitat.

Why do birdwatching in Santander Colombia ?

  • To start, Colombia is the first country in the world in bird diversity with 1,889 species, equivalent to 20% of the species of the whole planet. For that reason there are 1639 resident species, 79 endemic species, 193 almost-endemic species, 19 species of scientific, ecological or cultural interest, 68 in some category of threat and 197 migratory species.
  • In particular, in Santander (Colombia) there are around 776 species of birds, more than the total species of Canada (657), Russia (609), United Kingdom (583), Japan (552), United Arab Emirates 551), Portugal (599), Spain (530), France (474), Germany (430), Turkey (430), and Switzerland (350), all of them bigger than the extension of Santander.
  • Santander has a pleasant climate all year round and you can visit it at any time.
  • It has diverse ecosystems such as paramos, forests, and jungles.
  • It offers birdwatching opportunities for all levels.
  • You can combine birdwatching with other cultural or adventure tourism activities.
  • The region of Santander is a land of peace and tranquility.

 Where to do birdwatching in Santander Colombia?

Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve

Setophaga cerulea, Birdwatching in Santander Colombia

Setophaga cerulea, Birdwatching in Santander Colombia. Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Dendroica-cerulea-002.jpg#filelinks

It is the first national and South American reserve to conserve a migratory bird, in this case the Setophaga cerulea. As the result It is one of the sites of the Global Alliance for Zero Extinction.

Approximate number of birds observed: 488

Where: In the municipality of San Vicente de Chucuri, next to the Serrania de los Yariguies, two and a half hours by car from Bucaramanga.

Tip: Please note that accommodation is available for up to 25 people. You can also visit the Lengerke Road from San Vicente de Chucuri to Zapatoca.

Helmeted Curassow Bird Reserve

Pauxi pauxi, Birdwatching in Santander Colombia

Pauxi pauxi, Birdwatching in Santander Colombia. Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Helmeted_Curassow_male_RDW3.jpg

This reserve was established to conserve the habitat of the Northern Helmeted Curassow(Pauxi pauxi)and other endemic species.

Approximate number of birds observed: 304

Where: It is located in Cerro la Paz, between the municipalities of Betulia and San Vicente de Chucurí, two and a half hours from Bucaramanga.

Tip: Limited accommodations are currently available.


Birdwatching in Santander Colombia, (Amazilia_cyanifrons)

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Indigo-capped_Hummingbird_(Amazilia_cyanifrons)_(8079776108).jpg

Cachalu is an Area of ​​Importance for the Conservation of Birds (AICA).

Approximate number of birds observed: 256

Where: In the sanctuary of fauna and flora ‘Guanentá, High River Fonce’, between the towns of Charala and Encino, 2 hours and a half from San Gil.

Tip: If you want to stay, the reserve has accommodation for 22 people. It is especially pleasant to visit because it has an observation tower, tarabita of 15 mts, viewpoint, and proximity to several caves and rivers.


Ortalis colombiana, Birdwatching in Santander Colombia

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ortalis_columbiana.JPG

It is an Area of ​​Importance for the Conservation of Birds (AICA).

Approximate number of birds observed: more than 250.

Where: It is located 30 minutes from Floridablanca, municipality located 2 hours from San Gil.

Tip: There is camping area and farms that offer lodging. Do not forget to visit the Botanic Garden, the Venados Waterfall, the Ravine la Judía and the Ecopark el Santísimo.

Niceforo’s Wren Bird Reserve

Birdwatching in Santander Colombia, Thryothorus nicefori

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Thryophilus_rufalbus_(Rufous-and-white_Wren)_-_juvenile_(7244816138).jpg

The reserve was created to conserve tropical dry forest, home to a large number of unique species, such as the Niceforo’s wren (Thryothorus nicefori) and Chestnut-Bellied Hummingbird (Amazilia castaneiventris).

Approximate number of birds observed: 156

Where: In the Municipality of Zapatoca, 3 hours from San Gil via Barichara – Cabrera – Galán and Zapatoca.

Tip: From the reserve, you can see the Chicamocha Canyon and take a dip in the Sogamoso River.

FOR Beginners

There are also places for beginners who wish to practice birdwatching in Santander Colombia.

They can visit places such as the Lengerke’s trail  Barichara, Guane(131 species), the Gallineral Park in San Gil (49 species), and the coffee farms of the region (up to 54 species).

If you want to see birds, visit Santander in Colombia. Come and support the protection of our ecosystem!