How to get to San Gil

Are you thinking of traveling to San Gil and you are asking yourself what is the best way and how to get to San Gil?. Here, you will find some very useful recommendations if you are traveling from Bogota.

San Gil Tourist Capital of Santander. How to get to San Gil

Welcome to San Gil.

How to get to San Gil ?

By land

Are you still thinking How to get to San Gil ? that’s so easy. The first way to get there is by land it’s will allow you to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and the geography. For this option you will pass through important and lovely regions such as cundinamarca, Boyaca and Santander.

Besides it’s also possible to enjoy the smell of “Panela” that you feel when you are approaching to Santander. You also can enjoy the gastronomic offer of municipalities like Barbosa, Vado Real and Oiba.

Public transport

The most popular option to how to get to San Gil by tourists is by bus. In such case for those who depart from Bogota and prefer to travel by bus, they can use more than 7 transport companies. Moreover the buses are comfortable and some even include luxury amenities such as Wifi, lounge chairs, electric sockets, screens for entertainment, among others.

Buses depart from two points in Bogota city. The first is the Bogota Bus Terminal (located in the neighborhood of Salitre in 69 Street).

Once you are there, you should look for the ticket booths on the first floor at the Red module No 3 where you’ll find transport companies travelling to the North of the country, including cities like Barbosa, Socorro, San Gil and Bucaramanga.

How to get to San Gil

How to get to San Gil

Getting to San Gil will be the perfect start of your tour by the Department. The main recommendation is to buy the ticket on the booths authorized by the companies and not to anyone who offers you a lower price. Remember that the most important thing is yours and your family’s safety.

The second option is to take the bus from the 170 Street. Some companies have attention points in the area. In other cases, there is no physical booth so you must identify the authorized persons who sell tickets.


If you choose take the bus from the 170 Street you should try to negotiate the price and check the number of your chair.  Since the buses leave from the Bus Terminal when they arrive at the 170 Street usually they have many chairs occupied and you may have an awkward moment trying to find an available seat on the bus.

The last option is to buy tickets online, or ask for home delivery.

In San Gil, the bus will leave you at the local transport Terminal where you can take public transport to your hotel.

Route by Tunja or Chiquinquirá?

There are two routes that you can use to get to San Gil. The first one, and it is my favorite, is the way by Chiquinquirá town. As you can see you can choose How to get to San Gil.

This route is approximately 300 kilometers to San Gil and takes approximately 5 hours and 11 minutes. Those who travel in their own vehicle will find 4 tolls with an approximate price of $7,700 Colombian pesos (2.65 dollars) each one, depending on the category of vehicle.

The other route, which is the most used by transport companies, goes through the city of Tunja. This route is approximately 324 kilometers and takes approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes.

The exact duration of the trip varies depending the number of stops.

By plane

If you prefer a faster alternative, the plane will be an option that you should consider. More than 25 direct flights from Bogota depart from El Dorado airport every day. In Bucaramanga, the destination is the Palonegro international airport, main air hub of Santander.

This terminal receives a large number of domestic and international flights. The flight from Bogotá city takes approximately 52 minutes.

From Palonegro airport, you can take a taxi to the Bucaramanga Bus Terminal. This journey takes approximately 40 minutes.

Once at the Bucaramanga Bus Terminal, you will find at least 7 enterprises of passengers transport that can take you to San Gil, the tourist Capital of Santander. This last journey takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Remember always to book in advance the means of transportation, to be ready in advance, and take care of your luggage.

We wish you a safe and happy trip!

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