San Gil is not just a city full of adventure and places to discover, but a perfect place for budgets of all types. A holiday in San Gil is an exceptional way to live unique moments in an affordable manner.

In this regard, we are going to share some tricks to plan your vacations in San Gil.

Tips to plan your holiday in San Gil

Plan the trip

San Gil is a municipality with a pleasant spring climate throughout the year. The temperature varies between 19 and 26 degrees Celsius so it is always good time to come to the Perla del Fonce.

However, the initial recommendation is to plan your trip with at least two or three months in advance, especially if we want to travel in high season like Easter or December.

At these times of the year, the hotel capacity of the region is usually in high demand and prices tend to rise considerably.

For this reason we recommend you not to wait until the last minute to define your holiday in San Gil, as you can get a much more comfortable price if you book with time.

Analyze how many people are going to travel, whether in family, couple or alone. In this way, you can get to know how much space you will need both for transportation and accommodation purposes.

For example, if the trip is a family, you can consider the alternative of renting a cottage or finca (country side house), and if you travel alone you may opt for a private room.

Choose the means of transport

Once you have defined the dates, it is time to consider How to get to San Gil.

If you travel by car, remember to perform preventive maintenance to the vehicle. Also, keep your driver’s license, property card and compulsory insurance up-to-date.

For information on the state of the roads, peak and plate at national level, tolls and even near service stations and Police stations, see the website of the National Institute of Roads

If you travel by bus, you can buy the tickets online in any of the applications for available or directly on the website of the transport operators.


When you already have the dates for your holiday in San Gil and the number of people that will accompany you, it is time to find the accommodation.

For the survey you can use tools like Tripadvisor, Booking, Agoda, among others that will give you an idea of ​​the price and alternatives available for your stay in San Gil.

You will find hotels from 1 star to 4 stars, as well as houses and lodges, some in the historic sector of San Gil. For those who want to be on the outskirts of the city, you will be able to have added values ​​such as swimming pool, tennis or football courts among others.

For those who prefer more rural and relaxing environments, they can opt to rent a room or a cottage in a finca (farm). Some very good options do not appear in search engines. Ask us for suggestions!


Once you have your favorite hosting options for your holiday in San Gil, start comparing. Focus on the details that each offers such as location, facilities, means of payment. Also you can see what rating and comments they have from visitors. This can give you some idea if the accommodation meets your expectations.

Additional it is worth knowing if the price includes or not breakfast, among others according to your needs.

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Keep in mind that San Gil is surrounded by beautiful villages where there is also a large portfolio of hotels for all budgets and where you can save yourself some money.

This alternative is highly recommended for those who have some type of vehicle. Villanueva, Pinchote, Valle de San José or Curití among others are places that are not more than 30 minutes by car and can be interesting choices to explore.

Plan the itinerary

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We suggest you to invest in plans and adventure sports that are worth doing in San Gil, such as canoeing, caving, torrents, paragliding, bungee jumping, etc.

Always try to find some discount by number of people or number of activities. Keep in mind that you can book activities through internet or in person. In any case, choose  authorized tour operators.

Also, remember that you can carry out zero cost activities such as visiting parks, viewpoints, churches and natural pools and even take part in local fairs and festivals.

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Use transportation only when necessary and try to walk more. In this way you not only reduce costs, improve or maintain your physical state but also reduce the carbon footprint of your trip and make your holiday more sustainable.

Consume local

San Gil has a rich and varied gastronomic offer. However, to enjoy more your holiday in San Gil and manage your budget, we recommend you eating local foods and drinks.

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In other words, visit the markets, restaurants, and local shops, where you will be surprised by the delicious cuisine of Santander and its comfortable prices.

Moreover, remember that consuming local products contributes to sustainable development and the quality of life of local communities.

To take into account

San Gil is the ideal destination for a holiday for locals and foreigners of all ages and budgets. It is an authentic and tranquil place, surrounded by nature, adventure, history, religiosity and simple people proud of their customs.

If you have already visited our department, remember that there is always something new to offer you. Let us know if you have preferences or interests, and we help you to plan your trip.