People and traditions

Santanderean farmer. Credits: Jorge Ortiz

Santandereano farmer. Credits: Jorge Ortiz

Santander is the cradle of the Patiamarillos and it is the land of delicious culinary treats such as the “large-bottomed ants”, the Veleno bocadillo , the arepa, and the goat. Our people are essentially working, respectful, and kind with a firm character and a strong accent. Some people say that the Santandereans are a bit tough, but in reality we are only determined, frank and energetic. However, I must be honest and admit that women from Santander are the bravest of the country, and also the most beautiful and hardworking. If you want to take a look at the regional beauties or you are looking for a partner, a visit to Santander is highly recommended.

There are several things that the people from Santander love.

People who eat well

Firstly, our people like the good and abundant food.  When you come by these lands what you will feel less is hunger. The menu is extensive and delightful. A good breakfast starts with a rich “arepa” made of yellow corn, kneaded by the hands of our peasants. Lunch can include grilled or stewed goat, the most typical delicacy of our region. The goat is the source of many other tasty dishes such the famous “pepitoria”. These culinary delights could be called the “Santanderean sushi”. Dinner can contain “oreada” meat (salted dried meat) with potato, cassava or “mantecado”. Between meals, it’s well worth trying the “large-bottomed ants”. These exquisite insects are served roasted and salted. Besides a delicious taste, they have aphrodisiac and analgesic properties. The Santanderean menu has other appetizing meals, which you will find more extensively in an upcoming post.

Our people also like to accompany meals with tropical fruit juices, panela lemonade, and local and artisan liquors such as beer, corn or corozo “chicha”, and sugar cane or fruit “guarapo”. Come soon to taste them!

People who Celebrate

Secondly, our people love parties. You will easily find in every city, town and neighborhood, a bazaar, a fair or a dance that will make you stop and enjoy for a while. Some events are nationally and internationally recognized including the Feria Bonita in Bucaramanga, the Pineapple Fair in Lebrija, the Suarez River Festival in Barbosa, the Guabina Festival in Velez, artistic events such as the Green Film Festival in Barichara, the Festival of Andean and Sacred Music and the Guane de Oro in San Gil, the Piano Festival in Bucaramanga among many other important celebrations that take place throughout the Department. In short, if you pass through the brave lands of Santander, you will not feel a drop of boredom.

People who are part of history

Thirdly, our people adore challenges. That is why the Department has given rise to characters that stand out in all areas from Heroes such as Antonia Santos, José Antonio Galán, Manuela Beltrán, Isidro Alcantuz, Juan Francisco Berbeo, Salvador Plata; extravagant Aristocrats like the Count of Cuchicute; Actors as recognized as Jairo Camargo, Margalida Castro, Carlos Muñoz, and Paola Rey; Presidents like Aquileo Parra; Soccer coach Jorge Luis Pinto, Entrepreneurs like Carlos Ardilla Lule, besides many of the best humorists of the country, some of which hold Guinness record of humor, like Piter Albeiro, José Ordoñez, Junífero , Heriberto Sandoval, Cesar Corredor, the Monroy brothers, Alfonso Lizarazo among others. This fact does not only contradict the idea that people in Santander are bad tempered, but also shows that the Santanderans are essentially entrepreneur and funny people.

In Santander you can breathe culture, history, peace and adrenaline. Pass by Santander because whoever steps onto Santanderean lands, is Santanderean.

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