Rafting Fonce river . Credits: Jorge Ortiz

Rafting Fonce river . Credits: Jorge Ortiz

If you want a fascinating experience, bathed in ecstasy and excitement, you’ll love rafting in Santander.

To begin, you should know that the most important rivers for this sport in Santander are the rivers Fonce, Suarez and Chicamocha.

Fonce River

The most recognized rafting route, both in Santander and Colombia, is the one along the Fonce River. San Gil is pioneer in the practice of rafting in Colombia because it launched the first rafting route by the Fonce River in the year 1996. It is for this reason that San Gil has the most experienced tour operators and instructors on this sport, which will make your adventure safer and funnier.

Rafting Fonce river . Credits: Jorge Ortiz

Rafting Fonce river . Credits: Jorge Ortiz

The trip by the Fonce River can take two, three or four hours, depending on your preference. The river has rapids category 1 to 5 that will make you laugh and sometimes get a little bit scared. The route includes several levels of challenge that will make it ideal for inexperienced as well as professional people of all ages.

The tour ends at the most beautiful park in Santander, the Parque el Gallineral, where you can relax and enjoy a cool and peaceful atmosphere.

Suarez River

The route along the River Suarez is designed for people with a little more experience. The route that lasts 16 kilometers and 3 hours includes rapids of category 4 and 5 and waves up to 4 meters that will produce many emotions.

Chicamocha River

Finally, if you want a stronger dose of adrenaline, you can experience the route through the Chicamocha River. This route has rapids from level 1 to 4 in dry season and 3 to 5 in rainy season. The journey can be a 4 hours journey up to a 7 days expedition along the river, including activities such as paragliding, hiking, biking, fishing, rock climbing, bungee jumping and staying in comfortable camps along the river.

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