Rappel at Juan Curi waterfalls. Creditos: Jorge Ortiz

Rappel at Juan Curi waterfalls. Creditos: Jorge Ortiz

Due to its geographical and climatic characteristics, San Gil and its surroundings are perfect for practicing all kinds of extreme sports including Rappel. This sport allows you descend from great heights with the help of ropes and harnesses.

In San Gil there are several places where you can practice rappelling but certainly the most famous to do it are the beautiful waterfalls of Juan Curi. These cascades 200 meters high, are located in the municipality of Páramo, about 40 minutes from San Gil

Upon arrival, you will have to make an ecological walk of 20 minutes where you can observe the wonders of nature and the magnificence of the falls. From there, you can descend either 80 or 130 meters, defying gravity and height. When finished, you will get to a natural pool from which I recommend taking some nice photos to immortalize the moment.

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