San Gil is an ideal place to practice extreme sports, enjoy culture, nature and fun. For that reason it is always a good idea to spend at least three days in San Gil Colombia.

In order to enjoy every day, we recommend  following our itinerary for three days in San Gil Colombia. As the result it will allow you to visit the most representative places.

Things to do in three days in San Gil Colombia

Day 1

To start with the first of the three days San Gil Colombia we recommend you wake up early. Then begin the experience with a little adrenaline and dare to try some extreme sports.

Three days in San Gil Colombia, paragliding

Paragliding in San Gil

San Gil has a menu of activities such as Rafting, Kayaking, Paragliding, Canyoning, Caving, Bungee Jumping and other activities.

San Gil is considered the Mecca of adventure tourism in Colombia and is the pioneer of industry in the country. See more information on adventure tourism post.

If you want to practice some adventure sports, you can pay an individual price or purchase a package of activities. You can book the activity or package previously online or buy the service there.

Tourist agencies are mostly located in the sector known as the “Malecon” a few steps from the Gallineral Park. In any case, make sure you have accident insurance, equipment in good condition and the accompaniment of specialized guides.

three days in san gil colombia, Rafting Fonce river

Rafting Fonce river

By the time you finish your extreme experience, you’ll be full of adrenalin and hungry. This will not be a problem because in the”Malecon”you’ll find some alternatives and try something of the region.

In the afternoon..

You can continue with adventure sports or give yourself the chance to get to know the city of San Gil. In the latter case, you should visit the city center, walk through the Main Park, and visit historic places. A couple of them are the Cathedral of Santa Cruz and the House of Culture  and the Local Market.

See more information in food post that you cannot miss. To close the afternoon, you can take a stroll through the magical Gallineral Park . Once there you can see more than 100 kinds of plants and some birds. Another option you have is visit one of the viewpoints and watch the sunset. See more information in post viewpoints.

In the evening you can enjoy the gastronomic and entertainment offer of the city. You may visit the downtown area, shopping malls where you will find local and international restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

. At these places, you will find different alternatives to recharge batteries for the next day.

Day 2

The second day of the three days in San Gil Colombia will be very exciting so you have to start with energy. On this day you can visit the second largest canyon in the world and the second highest monument to Christ in Latin America.

Three days in san gil colombia, Chicamocha canyon

Chicamocha canyon, San Gil Colombia

You can visit these two places either through a package purchased through an authorized tour operator or on our own. The first stop will be the Chicamocha Park (Parque Nacional de Chicamocha) located just 41.4 kilometers from San Gil. The journey will take approximately 50 minutes and you can do it by private car or public transport.

If you choose the last option, you will have to take the bus at the offices of the transport company Cootrasangil located near the “Malecon” area.

In the Chicamocha National Park you can enjoy different attractions such as cable car, a landmark monument to the local culture, a farm, a 4D cinema, an ice rink, and even an Aqua park that includes swimming pools, slides and water mirrors.

The most important thing is that at the Park you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that only this beautiful canyon offers you. At the Chicamocha Park, you can spend perfectly a whole day but if you have limited time you can reduce the time of stay to only half a day.

Before leaving..

we recommend having lunch at the famous restaurant located inside the park.

Three days in San Gil, Ecoparque Cerro del Santísimo

Ecoparque Cerro del Santísimo

After lunch, you can leave and go to the Ecopark “Cerro del Santisimo” located at the city of Floridablanca, approximately one hour and twenty minutes via Bucaramanga.

Upon arrival, you can access the monument either by a 1380 meter cable car or by walking. The main attraction of Ecopark is a majestic 37 meter sculpture of Jesus of Nazareth, which is the highest in Colombia.

The place represents the faith and strength of the people from Santander and allows you to observe unequaled views of Bucaramanga (Capital of the department), Floridablanca, Giron and Piedecuesta. If you have time, do not forget to visit the Claussen Brewery (the first one in the country) located at the base of the Park.

Falling the night, it is time to take the road back to San Gil, rest and prepare for the last day that awaits many beautiful places.

Day 3

Three days in San Gil, Barichara Colombia

Barichara, Colombia

San Gil is surrounded by beautiful villages which have different religious, gastronomic, cultural and extreme attractions. Within the wide offer, in our last day we will recommend you to visit to Villanueva, Barichara and Guane, those towns are relatively close therefore is very easy to visit them.

If you want to have strength to visit these beautiful heritage villages, consider to start the day early with a good typical breakfast.

The journey can be covered through a tour package purchased with an authorized operator or independently. If you decide to make the trip on your own, you can travel by private or public transport. In the latter case, you should go to the place call the “Terminalito”,it’s a small bus station located in the center of San Gil. There, you will find buses that go to any of these villages.

If you want to follow our suggestion, take the first bus to the village of “Villanueva”. The journey will take approximately 30 minutes.

Three days in San Gil, Guane Colombia

Guane, Colombia

Villanueva is not as well known as Barichara or Guane, which in my estimation makes it a bit more authentic and less expensive. Once you get there you can start by visiting the Main Park, then the Church and even the Mount of the Sacred Hearth of Jesus (Cerro del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús). Before leaving, do not forget to support local producers by consuming local products and buying handicrafts from the region. In that way we will enjoying our three days in San Gil Colombia

There are two ways to get to Barichara and Guane from Villanueva. The first one is by car, either on a bus or private transport. Barichara is only 14 kilometers away from Villanueva.

For those who love challenges..

There is a unique way to know the region while doing some exercise. I am talking about do some trekking through the well-known “Camino de Lengerke”. This is  a heritage trail of about 8 kilometers around the nature between Villanueva and Barichara.

Three days in San Gil, Camino Real

Camino real, Barichara- Guane

The tour is of medium level of effort but I can guarantee that it will be an exceptional experience. In a future post we will expand this information on this trekking that runs through these three villages.

Once you get to Barichara, the best plan is to relax and walk freely through its cobbled streets, visit the churches, the sculptures park, and the viewpoint, eat some ice cream, take some good photos and buy some souvenirs for the family.

If you want to know a little more about Barichara you can visit our post of Heritage Towns where you will find all the details and some plans to follow.

Already at this point..

It is time to continue our journey to Guane, a town lost in time where it is possible to hear the silence and comfort the soul and spirit. You can get there by car, bus or walking through a “Camino Real” (trail) 8km long. Once in Guane, you can visit the Church of Santa Lucia and the Archaeological Museum where you will learn about the life of our ancestors.

Three days in San Gil, Guane Colombia

Guane, Colombia

After that you may also sit for a while in the main park and let yourself be seduced by the charm of the quiet life and the warmth of the local inhabitants. If you want to know more about places to know in Guane you can read our post about Heritage Villages.

In the afternoon, it’s time to say goodbye to the three days in San Gil Colombia. Of course not before planning the next visit  to our town.

There are still many beautiful places to visit.

In Santander there is much to do, try and experience, so we’ll be waiting for you, the next three days in san gil colombia. Come back soon!!