When you visit Santander you will find one of the most varied and delicious menus of Santander local food. Since exotic animals, ancestral soups that keep a history and traditions of our culture.

The originality of the Santanderean gastronomy derives from the mixture of Indian, Hispanic and African cultures that turn into an authentic range of dishes, desserts, and drinks that gather and fuse different ingredients, flavors, and customs.

This is why we want to show you the top 7 Santander local food that you have to try.

The best Santander local food you should try

Arepa Santandereana

Arepa Santandereana, Santander local food

Arepa Santandereana

Perfect side dish of almost all meals of the Santanderean people, the arepa is part of the Santander local food.

Its preparation comes from the time of the Guane Indians, who considered corn as the bread of the Gods. Although in Colombia you can find many kinds of arepas, all of them have a unique flavor.

Our “arepa santandereana” is made of yellow corn (better known as “pelao” corn). Then it’s ground by hand in rustic mills and then mixed with crispy pork, cassava, among other ingredients.

Pepitoria and Goat


Goat and Pepitoria, Santander local food

Goat and Pepitoria

These two loyal companions (Baby goat and Pepitoria) are undoubtedly one of the emblems of the Santander local food. The goat is a very healthy meat, with higher content of proteins.

The pepitoria is prepared with the viscera and the blood of the goat, is cooked in the form of stew and can be accompanied with cassava, salad or better still with the perfect match for almost all the Santander local food.


Mute Santandereano, Santander local food

Mute Santandereano

Without a doubt the favorite dish of the author of this article. It is the best soup you can try in life, without any exaggeration. Basically the mute has everything and does not need anything.

It is a dish that combines meat, vegetables and spices perfectly. To give you an idea of ​​this delicacy, some of its ingredients are: beef, pork, beans, chickpeas, corn, peas, potatoes, cob, among others.

Oreada meat

Carne oreada, Santander local food

Carne oreada

Must to have dish in any bazaar and restaurant, the oreada meat is flag of the gastronomy of Santander. Once you try, you will always miss it and you will have an excuse to return.

The preparation of this meat dates from our ancestors the Guane Indians who preserved the meat by marinating it in salt, onion, garlic as well as other natural ingredients and then dried under sun before storing it. Its texture can be a bit hard but it has an incomparable flavor.

Chorizos (in the town of Valle de San Jose)


Chorizos del Valle, Santander local food

Chorizos del Valle

The vast majority of the Santandereans have gone to the municipality of the Valle de San Jose, located only 12 kilometers from San Gil via Charala, with the sole purpose of tasting their famous chorizos bathed in tamarind sauce and panela and cooked with the “Secret formula of the grandmother”.

These sausages are called the most delicious in the region but in the entire country.  This dish is part of the Santander local food and as the result it’s very popular.

One of the hobbies of many people from San Gil is to go to the beautiful municipality of the Valle de San Jose by bicycle, with the excuse of doing sports but with the clear objective of savoring a “big plate” of chorizos with cassava and Chili. I challenge you to eat only one, do you accept?

Culonas ants


Hormigas Culonas, the most popular dish of Santander local food

Hormigas Culonas

Typical plate and example of the Santanderean local food and culture as well. These small creatures, which only originate in the department of Santander, leave their anthills once a year and this is the time when they can be bought and eat as fresh as possible. However, many of them are packaged or stored so that they can be sold for all the year.

The large-bottomed ants were used by aboriginal Guane as a gift for their matrimonial rituals, since the animals were believed to strengthen virility and vitality. Thanks to its delicious taste, it is not surprising that this animal is now part of some of the recipes of the most famous Colombian chefs and that more and more large-bottomed ants are carried around the world as one of the flags of Colombian gastronomy.


Batido San Gil, Santander local food


As famous as the pepitoria and large-bottomed ants, ​​it is the shake for the residents of San Gil.

The shake is a drink that looks similar to a smoothie and has an indescribable flavor like none you’ve ever tasted before.

Although I have been taking it almost all my life, I do not know exactly what it contains. What I know is that all people who sell this delight have their secret touch which they keep as a treasure.

There is a lot of speculation in the streets of this beautiful municipality about the inventor of this culinary delight, but it is clear that was someone born in San Gil who put the shake inside the top 7 of the Santander local food.

This Santanderean marvel can be found in the market of the town and it is mainly taken in the morning hours as a good refreshment. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll like it.

After taking it,  ask for the “encime” which is basically another half or a whole glass FREE !! It all depends on how much you smile at the seller.

All these delicacies are elaborated with natural products of the region, cultivated and grown by our farmers, with traditional techniques, free of additives, hormones, toxic, and transgenic.

Come soon to try them!

Top 7 Santander food you must try
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Top 7 Santander food you must try
When you visit Santander you will find one of the most varied and delicious menus of the Colombian gastronomy. These are the 7 Santander food you must try.
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