People say that everything looks more beautiful from above and maybe you are one of the many that agree with this statement. This is why many enjoy climbing to the top of the mountains to contemplate beautiful landscapes and lovely sunsets. If you are thinking to visit Santander in Colombia, I will recommend you 6 incredible viewpoints in San Gil Colombia that you have to visit.

Here are 6 incredible viewpoints in San Gil and surroundings

San Gil and in general Santander is a mountainous region where the sunrises and sunsets are mixed with extraordinary landscapes.

For this purpose, there’re  different viewpoints in San Gil from where you will have the possibility to appreciate our land.

The “Perl of the Fonce River”, as it is known San Gil, is a holy land protected by religious images that were strategically located in the high parts of this small town and which became famous places of pilgrimage for the inhabitants of the region.

These places are also visited by tourists and people in general who seek to appreciate our beautiful village from different angles. The viewpoints in San Gil Colombia are a representation of what we are: a group of Catholic, friendly and very strong people.

Now we will show you 6 incredible viewpoints in San Gil and surroundings

Viewpoint at the Chicamocha National Park

viewpoints in San Gil, Chicamocha canyon

Chicamocha Canyon viewpoint

In the portfolio of lookouts in San Gil and surroundings, is the most spectacular viewpoint in Colombia. This observation point allows to appreciate 360 ​​degrees of the second largest canyon in the world.

The viewpoint is located in the Chicamocha National Park, the most popular tourist attraction in the region. The Park offers services such as cable car, aquatic park, among others.

viewpoints in San Gil, Chicamocha canyon

Chicamocha Canyon viewpoint

Location: The Chicamocha National Park is located between Bucaramanga and San Gil (only 45 minutes from Bucaramanga and 1 hour and 30 minutes from San Gil).

How to get there: Public transport or private car.

Recommendations: Wear sunscreen, comfortable clothes and desire to have fun.

The entrance to the Park is $ 25,000 Colombian pesos for children and adults. It does not include attractions within the park.

Viewpoint at Ecopark El Santisimo

viewpoints in San Gil, Ecopark El Santisimo

Viewpoint at Ecopark El Santisimo

This viewpoint was inaugurated in June 2015. There stands a sculpture of Jesus of Nazareth 37 meters high, accompanied by 2 panoramic lifts and a main viewpoint. This image of Christ is the highest in Colombia and Latin America, surpassing even the Christ Redeemer of Sao Paulo.

The viewpoint is located in Ecopark El Santísimo built by the santandereano artist trained in Italy, Juan José Cobos. From there, it is possible to observe panoramas of the cities of Giron, Piedecuesta, Floridablanca and Bucaramanga.

Viewpoints in San Gil , Ecopark El Santisimo

View from the Ecopark el Santisimo

Location: The Ecopark is located in the village of Helechales de Floridablanca.

How to get there: To get to the Ecopark El Santísimo there are two alternatives. The first is to arrive at Hacienda La Esperanza (former headquarters of the Clausen Brewery, the first brewery factory in Colombia) and from there take the 1,380 m long cable car and 5 minutes long. The second is to drive on the road that leads to the Helechales village d until kilometer 2.8. There is the second entrance to the Ecopark that allows entry without taking the cable car.

Recommendations: It can be combined with the visit to the National Park Chicamocha, in which case there are combos at a very interesting price. Pets are allowed on the cable car. Near the entrance, there are stalls where farmers in the region sell fruits, vegetables and handicrafts.

The entrance to the Park is 22,000 Colombianpesos for adults and 12,000 for children and includes admission and two cable car routes.

Barichara’s viewpoint

Viewpoints in San Gil, Barichara’s viewpoint

Barichara’s viewpoint

As if the most beautiful town in Colombia lacked more magic than it already has. Barichara has one of the most beautiful and inspiring viewpoints in Colombia.

From this incredible vantage point, you can see the greatness of the Andes Mountains (the most emblematic of the South American continent)

Location: It is located in the municipality of Barichara to 24 km of San Gil, an hour in car approximately.

How to get there: You can arrive from San Gil in public transport or by private car. Once in the urban case of the municipality, it is easy to walk to the lookout.

Recommendations: Keep in mind that from the viewpoint there is a real road leading to Guane.

Free entrance. 

Cerro de la Cruz

Viewpoints in San Gil, Cerro de la Cruz

Cerro de la Cruz Viewpoint

The Cerro de la Cruz is undoubtedly one of the main viewpoints in San Gil Colombia and a religious emblem of the region. This monument dates from 1888 when a mission of the Jesuit Fathers wanted to leave a wooden cross as a reminder of their passage through San Gil.

viewpoints in San Gil, cerro de la gruta

View from the Cerro de la Cruz

It was until 1995 that the new cross, that continues to date, was installed.

Location: Villa Olimpica Neighborhood in San Gil

How to get there: You can arrive by public transport or by walking. If you choose to walk, you will have to climb a slope until you reach the Hill. The walking distance from the town center is 20 minutes, depending on your physical condition.

Recommendations: We recommend you go in comfortable clothes and go in the evening to appreciate the lights of the city.

Free entrance.

Cerro de la Gruta

This is another Catholic place for the devotion and pilgrimage of the locals. There is a chapel in honor of the Virgin of Lourdes. It was built by the chaplain of the San José de Guanenta School, Mr. Luis Gomez, with the support of students and neighbors of the sector. In 1941, the Virgin was blessed, and since then many miracles have been attributed to her in the region.

viewpoints in San Gil, Cerro de la Gruta

View from the Cerro de la Gruta

The place is mainly visited by Holy Week, where the parishioners visit the Via Crucis which symbolizes the sufferings of Jesus before dying on the cross.

Currently, Eucharist is offered on Saturdays.

From this hill you can have a privileged view of our municipality, and it is just opposite to the Cerro de la Cruz which gives you the opportunity to appreciate San Gil from another angle.

Location: It is located in the neighborhood of the same name, near the Barrio San Carlos, high part of the municipality of San Gil.

How to get there: You can get there by foot or by public transport to Barrio la Gruta. After that, you must ascend a pedestrian path that leads to the hill. The tour is about 15 minutes.

Recommendations: We recommend you wear comfortable shoes, fresh clothes and moisturize well before climbing.

Entrance is free

Cerro de la Virgen Milagrosa

This hill is part of the viewpoints in San Gil Colombia and is the one most demanding to visit it. It is one of the 3 religious monuments that surround San Gil and to which people attribute security, health and prosperity to the region.

The versions indicate that this monument was constructed in 1947 following a visit of the Vincentian Fathers to San Gil but there is no documentation on this event.

The hill of the Virgin of the Misericordia is a very beautiful place and where you have incredible views, although it is less crowded than the others for the challenging way to get there.

Even so it is worth visiting not only to appreciate another perspective of the beautiful of San Gil, but also to pray with faith and ask the virgin one to two favors.

Location: It is located in the neighborhood Villa Olímpica near theStadium El Palomo Silva.

How to get there: You can reach the neighborhood by public transport and from there start the route by a steep stone path of approximately one kilometer until you reach Cerro de la Virgen.

Recommendations: We recommend wearing a comfortable attire, and water for the road.

Entrance is free.